Find a match or create something unique with pieces that have their own special history.

Built-In Character

We love reclaimed roofing materials because every piece tells a story. Whether it’s tile from a church in Jefferson Parish in New Orleans or slate from a college gym damaged by a tropical storm in Massachusetts, these materials have seen a lot, so they say a lot. It’s impossible to manufacture that kind of authenticity. 

For obvious reasons, our reclaimed inventory is always fluid. But whether you’re looking to match pieces to an existing roof, add some unique charm to a home you’re building, or sell your own inventory, we can likely help. 

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A Green Bonus

A significant benefit of our reclaimed business, and one we certainly don’t take lightly, is its positive impact on the environment. Any time we can save roofing materials from going into a landfill, we’ll do it with a bigger smile than usual. When you can repurpose tons of materials (because this reclaimed stuff tends to be heavy), the entire planet wins.

Let’s Remake History

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller of reclaimed materials, we’d love to hear from you.
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