Aim High

(Because that’s where the best roofs are.)

Yeah, We Can Do That

We built Worth by seeking out the toughest roofing jobs and supplying them – no matter what.
Now, it seems like a lot of those jobs find us.

If you’ve got a roofing supply need, we’ve got your solution. Extra points if you make it a challenge.

A Whole Lot of “No”

That summarizes Rob Miller’s early experience as an outside salesman at Bradco, a roofing supply wholesaler. This was in the early 2000s, during an economic downturn when there were more competitors than projects. Back then, if Rob wasn’t being rejected, he was getting turned down. One day, a customer asked Rob to find a very specific tile for a project – a needle in a haystack-type request. After making all the calls and doing all the legwork, Rob found the tile. (It’s actually this one right here. Long story how Rob got it back. Feel free to ask him.) Anyway, on the way to finding his tile, Rob also uncovered an opportunity – specialty roofing materials.

Nobody wanted this business. So, as is his way, Rob immersed himself in it, learning all he could about slate, tile, cedar, and anything else you can turn into a roof. He started seeking out unusual materials and turning them around for customers. He won a national sales competition with his newfound expertise. And then, in 2008, he went out on his own.

Today, unique materials are still Worth’s specialty. So are exceptional results. Regardless of the project, Rob and his team believe there’s always a solution, especially if you never take no for an answer.

Rob's Tile