Unique Materials.

Decades of Experience.

Unconditional Support.

Exceptional Roofs. Simplified.

Unique Materials.
Decades of Experience.
Unconditional Support.

Exceptional Roofs. Simplified.

It’s Not Just a Roof. It’s an Opportunity.

The roof accounts for roughly forty percent of what you see when you look at a home’s exterior.

So, when it comes to a property’s look and feel, the roof matters. A lot. Yet the roof is almost always undervalued and underappreciated in a home’s design. At Worth, we’re out to change that.

We make hard-to-get and unfamiliar roofing materials accessible and easy for our customers. With a variety of slate, cedar, tile, and reclaimed products, along with decades of experience we’re happy to share, Worth is a one-stop solution for roofs that hold up and stand out.

If you’re a roofer, homebuilder, architect, or distributor, you have an opportunity staring you in the face – quite literally – in the form of your next roof.  We make it easy to capitalize.

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We don’t just carry slate, cedar, and tile; we’re experts in each category. That puts us in the unique position to be objective with our advice and thorough with our explanations.

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We aim to help you build the best roof possible, whether it’s with imported Spanish slate, Canadian cedar, or reclaimed from Colorado. If there’s a choice between recommending the perfect product for your needs or the most profitable for our own, we’ll go with the perfect option every time.

Case Study

If It’s Good Enough for Anna and Elsa…

Royal Sommerhus - Disney Epcot

We were happy to provide custom slate for The Royal Sommerhus at Disney’s Epcot Center. This special place in the Norway pavilion is where children of all ages meet Anna and Elsa, the famously conflicted sisters from the movie Frozen.

It’s our pleasure to shield visitors to the park from the harsh winter elements in Orlando with slate we hand-trimmed at our facility in North Carolina. Consider this roof our way of adding a little more magic to the Magic Kingdom.